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Electrical Machine Drives Control. An Introduction

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This comprehensive text examines existing and emerging electrical drive technologies


Considers the problem of bearing currents and voltage stresses of an electrical drive

Handling of electrical drives is solidly linked to the theory and design of the associated electrical machines

Includes up-to-date theory and design guidelines, taking into account the most recent advances

Offers an understanding of the main phenomena associated with electrical machine drives

Added insight into problems and functions are illustrated with clearly understandable figures

Also including links to a number of industrial applications, the authors take their investigation of electrical drives beyond theory to examine a number of practical aspects of electrical drive control and application

It also serves as an excellent reference for practicing electrical engineers looking to carry out design, analyses, and development of controlled-speed electrical drives.

Key features Provides a comprehensive summary of all aspects of controlled-speed electrical drive technology including control and operation

The authors clearly define the most basic electrical drive concepts and go on to explain the most important details while maintaining a solid connection to the theory and design of the associated electrical machines

This book s rigorous coverage of theoretical principles and techniques makes for an excellent introduction to controlled-speed electrical drive technologies for Electrical Engineering MSc or PhD students studying electrical drives